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What are the requirements for private luxury chauffeurs?

The indispensable requirements are; Good presence, (style and elegance) more than 8 years of seniority in the driving license, good driving, know the streets of the city in which you provide the service, have people skills and knowledge of English or other languages.

What types of journeys are made?

We have two types of journeys; Short and Long haul.

The most common short-distance journeys are Airport / Hotel and vice versa or point-to-point journeys around Barcelona for shopping, business, meetings, signings, etc.

Then we have the long distance journey, here the displacement can be between different provinces of the community; Barcelona-Girona, between different communities of the country Barcelona-Madrid or between different countries of Europe, Barcelona-Milan.

Can I have a chauffeur for a whole afternoon or day?

Yes, of course, this service is called “Disposition”. You can hire a Disposition service by the hour, by the day or even by the month. Depending on the client’s needs.

Is it possible to hire a Chauffeur with a luxury vehicle for a Wedding?

Yes, this is one of the most demanded services in Barcelona during the wedding season. This service is called “Wedding Arrangement”. We also take care of the guests’ transport in a Mercedes V van or even in a luxury minibus.

How are Private Chauffeur services priced?

The price is fixed, our client always knows what the service will cost before starting and the price does not change due to traffic, inclement weather or excess demand. We have several prices depending on the km and the most common routes are already priced with fixed prices.

What distances or long distances can be contracted?

You can hire any type of distance or route as long as you can access the requested place by car. The licence granted to VTC allows us to pick up and drop off anywhere in Spain or Europe. We have no limits.

What does the City Tour consist of?

It is a tailor-made tour with guided visits and prepared routes, all on demand. It is a way of getting to know the city, town or place at your own pace, stopping wherever you want, eating in the most emblematic places and always with the comfort of having your car at the door.

It is a unique experience to get to know a corner of the world in a luxury car. All you have to do is enjoy, our driver will take care of everything.

What does the Private Chauffeur service include?

It includes waiting service at the airport even if the flight is delayed, and 60 minutes from the time the plane lands, excellent personal attention at all times of the journey, personal security, comfort and the best door to door. You will feel safe and comfortable at all times with us.

 How do I book a private chauffeur drive?

It is very easy to book with us, you can do it in three different ways;

By phone at the number that appears on our website, by email by filling out the form on the Web, or by the WhatsApp bubble that appears on our website.

What are the amenities of high-end vehicles?

Great comfort inside, air conditioning to your liking, tinted windows, tablet to select music or films on long journeys, water, wifi, disinfectant, kleenex, wet wipes and newspaper if you ask us beforehand.

Can I have direct contact with my driver?

Yes of course, in fact we pass on the driver’s telephone number to the client so that they can be in contact at all times.

Is this service insured?

Yes, we have a civil liability insurance that is compulsory for all VTC vehicles for 50 million euros and up to 15 million euros in material damages.

Does this service comply with the regulations?

Yes with all of them, and the most important one is the seal of the community that grants you the authorisation as a VTC vehicle. It must be displayed in the form of a sticker on the right front window of the vehicle.

How are services paid for?

We have a 100% secure payment gateway with Banco Sabadell. You do not have to provide us with any payment details on our website, you will receive a link via SMS on your mobile phone where you enter your card details and from your own mobile phone you will pay.

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